Overview of the event setup

This article summarizes the general steps to follow before publishing your event website and what happens after.

Here's an overview of the steps from creation to the end of the event.

1. Create and access your event

First, create your event. If a colleague already created the event, ask to be added as an organizer from the committee section of the organizer panel.

Sign in to your account and go to My events. Your event will be listed in the Draft section if it's not yet published. Until it is published, the event will only be visible to its organizers.

2. Configure your event

Customize your event based on your specific needs. From the organizer panel you can:

  • Configure the event and the website pages
  • Setup the registration form
  • Setup the submission form
  • Edit your event schedule
  • Setup online payments

3. Unlock, publish and promote!

Once your event website is ready to be published, unlock it with your licence code. Then, click Publish to make the website accessible to the public.

Promote your event website through your different channels. The event website address can chosen in Configuration -> General.

4. Manage

Registrations and submissions will start at the chosen dates. You will view all registered participants, all submitted abstracts and each transaction through the Data section of the organizer panel.

You will be able to perform tasks easily like sending emails, making decisions on accepted abstracts and creating the abstract booklet.

  • Manage participants
  • Manage abstracts
  • Manage payments
  • Manage reviews

What happens after my event?

When your event is over, you can still access and edit it. It will be archived on the platform. You can clone it to setup the next edition easily if it's a recurring event, for example.