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Set presentation times
Set presentation times

This article explains how to schedule presentation times within your session.

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Presentation times indicate the start and end time of a presentation. Those presentation times are visible to participants on the schedule.

Once you've added presentations in one of your session follow the instructions below to set presentations times.

Activate presentation times for your session

  1. Edit the session in which you have presentations. This will open the side panel.

  2. Under Presentation times, select Equal length or Unequal length.

  3. Click Save.

Equal length

This setting splits the total session time across the presentations in this session.

For example, if you have a two-hour session and 4 presentations, each presentation will be automatically set to 30 minutes. The example below provides an example with a session from 13:00 to 15:00 with 4 presentations with equal length.

Unequal length

This setting allows you to have presentations that don't have the same duration within the same session. You can set the duration in minutes for each presentation by clicking on the duration.

Reorder presentations

You can change the order of presentations within a session only when there are presentation times (equal or unequal).

If your session doesn't have any presentation time, presentations will be ordered by submission ID. You can manually change the ID of the presentations by going to Data > Submissions. Click on the pencil in the ID column to change the ID.

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