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Add presentations in your schedule
Add presentations in your schedule

This article explains how you can add submitted presentations in your schedule.

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You can build your schedule by inserting accepted submissions in the sessions of your event schedule. There are many advantages:

  • From the schedule, participants can explore the content of presentations. The title, authors, abstract are synced with the submission data so you don't have to enter the information twice.

  • Once a presentation is placed in your schedule and that the schedule is published, presenters can login to see when they're presenting.

Please note: if the presentation page is not visible on your event website, the presentations in your schedule will not be visible on the schedule. Make sure to make the presentation page visible first.

Add presentations (submissions) to sessions

  1. In the Organizer Panel, go to Website pages > Schedule.

  2. Click Add presentation directly from the schedule page

  3. Select the submissions you want to add.

  4. Click Add to session.

  5. The session from which you clicked Add presentation (Step 2), will be automatically selected.

  6. Refine your selection and click Next then Add to session.

You will be redirected back to the schedule page.

Remove presentations from a session

  1. Go to Website page > Schedule.

  2. Locate the session and click on remove all or individually click the trash icon for the presentations you wish to remove.

You can also remove a presentation from a session from the quick view side panel.

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