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Select what data is visible on the participant or presentation pages
Select what data is visible on the participant or presentation pages

This articles explains how you to specify the information visible on the participant and the presentation page.

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Default visible information

By default, some information is visible on the participant and presentation page. The visibility of this information cannot be controlled by the organizer.

Participant page

The participant's name, affiliation, website url, headshot and bio are visible by default for each participant. All this information can be controlled by the user from their own Fourwaves profile.

Any presentation associated with this participant is also displayed.

Presentation page

The title, list of authors and affiliations, the abstract, the poster, the Powerpoint, the figures and the pre-recorded video are displayed by default.

The sessions in which the presentation is scheduled is also visible.

How to display additionnal information collected

For the participant and presentation pages, you can specify any other field of the registration and submission forms respectively, that you want to display on those pages.

  1. In the organizer panel, go to the Presentation or Participant page (under Website pages).

  2. Click on Configuration.

  3. A dropdown allows you to select which fields are visible. Select as many fields as desired.

  4. Click Save.

What it looks like

This information is displayed in an Other information section at the bottom of the participant's page like this:

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