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Add filters on the participant or presentation list
Add filters on the participant or presentation list

This article explains how to add filters that appear on the presentations or participant list on your event website.

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By default, presentations can be filtered by sessions. This filter can't be removed by organizers. The Participant list has no filters by default.

You can select any multiple choice fields (checkboxes, radio buttons or dropdown menu) of your submission and registration forms. Selecting them will add a filter on the presentation and participant list pages of your event website.

That allows website visitors to filter those lists based on their preferences.

How to add filters

  1. In the organizer panel, go to Website pages > Participant or Presentations page.

  2. Select from the dropdown list which fields are visible.

  3. Click Save.

Any field selected in the dropdown menu that is a checkbox, radio button or dropdown menu, will add a filter on the website page.

Also, the information of this field will be visible on the page itself.

For example, if you select the Presentation type field, website visitors will be able to filter presentations based on Presentation type.

The presentation type of a presentation will also be displayed on its page.

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