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Managing fields: adding, editing, and deleting
Managing fields: adding, editing, and deleting

This article explains the basics of form building on Fourwaves.

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All forms have at least 3 mandatory fields:

  1. First name

  2. Last name

  3. Email

You can add any number of additional fields following the instructions below.

Add a field

  1. In the organizer panel, navigate to your form.

  2. Click Add a field.

There are 8 common field types across all forms:

  1. Text. For a short answer in text form.

  2. Long text. For a long answer in text form on multiple lines.

  3. Multiple choices (one answer). For a multiple choice question with a single possible answer (radio buttons).

  4. Checkboxes. For a question with one or more checkboxes.

  5. Dropdown menu.

  6. File uploads. Choose between 4 options: all file types, Images (png, gif or jpg), PDF document or Word document (.doc or .docx).

  7. Instructions. This is not a field per se, but a text that can be inserted in the form, for example to provide instructions for the participant.

  8. Country list. This is a drop-down menu where a participant can pick their country.

Some form types have specific fields. For example, submission forms have a title and an abstract field. Reviewing forms have a score field.

Field settings

You can click the Edit icon to edit a field. This will open a side panel where you will see different options:

  • Label. The text the participant sees for this question. This is the public name of the field itself.

  • Description. An additional text box to specify instructions.

  • Internal name. It is used to identify the field in a short, concise format. It displays for example in your data table, on receipts or sometimes on the event website.

  • Mandatory. Determines if the participant must select a value for this field.

  • Hidden field. Hides a specific field from the registration form. It is only visible to organizers.

Multiple choice options settings

For radio buttons (single answer multiple choice questions), checkboxes and dropdown menus, you can edit additional parameters for each options of those questions.

  • Limited quantity. Determine if there's a maximum number of times this option can be selected.

  • Availability Period. Determine a start and end date outside which the option can't be selected. You can specify a start date only, an end date only or both. In the example below, the Researcher option is available until Sept. 1st 2024.

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