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Add conditional form fields
Add conditional form fields

This article explains how you can make certain questions conditional to previous answers.

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This is useful to show certain questions only to certain registration types or to charge costs that are conditional to certain registration types.

Different types of conditions

While certain mandatory fields like first name, last name and email can't have conditions, most form fields do.

You can add a condition on those fields to either:

  • Show the field

  • Hide the field

There are two types of conditions:

  • If Any of a group of fields is selected. That is, if at least one other field is selected

  • if All of a group of fields is selected. That is, if all the selected fields have been selected.

Show a question only when anoter option is selected

Below is an example where the Choice of menu is visible only if the participant answered Yes to the Keynote dinner attendance question.

  1. Edit the Choice of menu question.

  2. Go to the Conditions tabs, and toggle on Conditional.

  3. Select Visible.

  4. Select Any. In this case, because only one option will be selected (Diner: Yes) the All option could've been selected as well).

  5. Select the field that will trigger the Visible condition, Diner: Yes.

Here's what this looks like:

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