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Specify tax rules to costs in your forms
Specify tax rules to costs in your forms

This article explains how you can charge taxes to items in your form.

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  1. Go to the form containing the items with a cost to which taxes will apply

  2. Edit the item and go to the Pricing tab.

  3. Under tax rules, select the tax that applies to this item.

  4. Decide if taxes are added to the cost of the item or if they are included.

In the example below, a VAT of 10% is added to the cost (250$), meaning there will be 25$ of VAT added to the registration, for a total of 275$.

Write to if your tax rule isn't in the list. We can add them.

Variable taxes per country

Some tax rules charge taxes only to participants which indicate a specific country/province in their billing address.

In the example below, if VAT 25% is selected, 25% VAT will be charged to everyone. If VAT 25% Denmark is selected, only those who select Denmark as the country in the billing address form will be charged 25% of VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the VAT number asked to participants on the billing address form?

Yes, when a VAT is charged, an optional field appears on the billing address form asking for the VAT number.

Can I add a VAT 0% and a VAT 0% reverse-charge?

Yes, there is a tax rule that allows you to add a VAT 0% and VAT 0% (reverse-charge) on the checkout page and on the invoice.

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