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Create, edit and delete coupon codes
Create, edit and delete coupon codes

This article explains how you can create, edit and delete coupon codes.

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Coupon codes allow participants to benefit from a discount on their transaction at the payment stage.

Create a coupon code

  1. In the organizer panel, go to Configuration > Payments in the Coupon codes section.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter a code of at least 6 characters consisting only of letters and numbers. The coupon codes are case insensitive and are automatically transferred in capital letters. For example, discount10 will be automatically transformed to DISCOUNT10.

  4. Choose the type of discount, either Amount or Percentage. For example, if you want to give $10 or 10% off respectively.

  5. Enter the amount, for example 10 for a 10% discount or $10.

  6. Select whether this coupon code can only be used a maximum number of times by checking Limit quantity, then enter the quantity.

  7. Click Save.

In the example above, the coupon code DISCOUNT10 will provide a $10 discount and can be used up to 25 times.

Edit a coupon code

You can edit a coupon code by clicking on the pencil icon next to the coupon code.

Note: Once a coupon code is used, only the available quantities of that coupon can be changed.

Delete a coupon code

Once a coupon code is created, it cannot be deleted. To stop using a coupon code, look at the number of times it has been used, then limit the quantity to that amount (see Limit Quantity above).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the reduction apply to the subtotal or the total?

The reduction of a coupon code is applied to the subtotal of the transaction. If you don't charge taxes, it makes no difference because the subtotal and total are the same.

Can the discount apply only to a specific item of the cart?

No. The coupon code applies to the subtotal of the transaction and cannot be applied to a specific item.

Can multiple coupon codes be used in the same transaction?

No. There can only be one coupon code per transaction.

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