Schedule Mass Export

This article explains how to do a mass export of your event schedule.

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Why Export?

If you need to access your event schedule outside of the event website, you can simply export the entire schedule to share it, consult it on another media or even print it.

How to Export?

  1. In the organizer panel, go to Website Pages > Schedule.

  2. Click the Export button at the top right.

Export Options

You will be given export options, detailed below.

File Type

You have the choice to export your schedule in two file types:

  • Word: Presents the sessions in a list view, that is, sessions and presentations one after the other.

  • PDF: Displays the schedule into a grid format with parallel sessions side-by-side.


You can choose from two format options:

  • Simplified: will only export sessions.

  • Detailed: will export sessions and presentations with the presenter name.

Please keep in mind that tracks will not be displayed.

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