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Downloads statistics about your event
Downloads statistics about your event

This article shows how you can download statistics about your event and what they mean.

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At any time, you can download an Excel file with statistics about your event. In the organizer panel, go to the Overview. On the right side of the dashboard, click ''...'', then click on Export Usage Data. It will send you an email with the Excel file.

What is in the Excel file

You will see 3 sheets in the Excel file:

Note: the presence and the conversation minutes are only for events that use the live app.


This sheet lists all the participants of the event. For each there are 2 information:

  • Presence: the number of minutes this participant was in a video conversation. Note that it counts as a minute even if the presenter was alone in the video conversation room. For the full conversation minutes, see the Presentations tab.

  • Views: counts the number of times the profile of this participant was viewed.


This sheet lists all presentations and 3 data points for each:

  • Presence: this is the total combined video conversation minutes. If 5 participants are in conversation for 5 minutes, that will count for 25 minutes.

  • Conversation: this is the total minutes there was at least 2 participants discussing. If 8 participants are discussing for 30 minutes, it will count as 30 minutes, as long as there is at least 2 participants in the video conversation.

  • Views: the number of times this presentation was viewed.


This sheet lists all the pages of your website and the number of views. These are not unique views, meaning if the same person visits a page twice on 2 different days, it will count twice.

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