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Unlock or publish an event
Unlock or publish an event

To edit the event status to make it unlocked or published.

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When an event is created, its status will always be locked and unpublished.

Locked vs. unlocked

A locked event will offer every single feature offered on the platform, such as enhanced content blocks, unlimited additional pages, advanced peer-review module, etc. Unlocking the event will keep the features included in your plan only, which will prevent any data loss.

You should unlock your event as soon as possible to insure you don't create and configure a module that is not included in your plan.

Consult our pricing page to compare our plans and their inclusions.

Published vs. unpublished

When an event is unpublished, it is only accessible to its organizers. Publishing it will make all created pages accessible to their respective audience. You can set each page's audience from their respective configuration panel.

The home page is the only one you cannot edit its audience, so it will always be accessible without any restriction once your event website is published.

Keep in mind that you can still edit an event that has been published.

To unlock

  1. Unlock your event

    Hover the event name (top right corner) and click Unlock.

  2. Select your plan

    You will then be invited to select either our free discovery plan or enter a License code to access the features of one of our premium plans.

  3. Enter your billing information

    The last step is to enter your billing information which allows us to know whether we need to bill you taxes if you are collecting fees for your event.

To publish

Once your event is unlocked, you can either publish it right away and making your event website accessible to everyone and start collecting registrations, submissions, etc.

Should you decide to publish it at a later stage to continue editing its content, head over to your Organizer Panel and click on Publish.

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