Refund a transaction

This article explains how to refund a participant's transaction.

Updated over a week ago
  1. In the organizer panel, go to on Event Data > Transactions.

  2. Check the box next to the transaction that you want to refund, and then select the Refund charge.

  3. You will see the initial amount paid, the amount refunded and the refundable amount. Enter the amount that you want to refund.

  4. Click Confirm.

You can make as many refunds as needed for a given transaction, as long as the initial amount paid wasn't fully refunded.


In the example below, the initial amount paid was 1.00$, nothing was refunded, which means I can refund up to 1.00$.

I entered 0.50$ which will issue a 0.50$ refund. After this refund, I will be able to issue another refund of maximum 0.50$.

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