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Add costs to items on your forms
Add costs to items on your forms

This article shows how you can add costs to your forms on Fourwaves.

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You can define costs for some items of your form. When a participant selects an item with a cost, it will automatically show a summary on the right hand side with the total amount to pay and they will be brought to the payment page to complete payment.

How to add costs in your form

From your organizer panel, go to your form, for example Website Pages > Registration for the registration form.

  1. Add a multiple choice, a checkbox or a dropdown menu. For example, a question that asks the participant to select their registration type.

  2. Click the pencil to edit one of the options. For example, Researcher in the example below.

  3. In the side panel, go to the Pricing tab.

  4. Under Cost, specify an amount to pay when a participant selects this option. For example, 250$ in the example below.

Manage early bird and regular rates

You can set a cost as outlined above, which is the early bird. To program a regular rate, you can toggle on Variable cost. This will allow you to specify another cost and a date at which this new cost will apply.

In the example below, the Researcher option costs 250$ (early bird). On Sept 1st, 2024 at midnight (00:00), the cost will automatically increase to 300$ (the regular rate).

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