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Send mass emails

This article explains how to send mass emails.

Updated over a week ago

You can mass email registrants, submitters and reviewers from Fourwaves.

Go to the corresponding Data section in the organizer panel. For example, Data > Submissions to emails submitters.

Select recipients

  1. Use filters or the search bar to find a list of recipients. For instance, filter submissions to list those accepted for poster .

  2. Select individual recipients or the whole list using the top checkbox. You can click Select all X to select participants from all pages.

  3. Click Contact.

Write and send the email

  1. Write a subject and a message.

  2. Insert variables to personalize each email (more info below).

  3. Add any attachments.

  4. Click Next and confirm.

Insert Variables

You can click on Insert form value to insert variables that will personalize each email. Here are some useful ones:


  • Registration form. A link to the registration form.

  • Submission form. A link to the submission form.

  • Account url. A link to their user dashboard.

Note: For all links, the user will be brought to the account activation page before being redirected if their account was never activated. Otherwise they will be asked to login before being redirected.

Form values

Almost any information collected in the forms can be inserted in the emails. Here are some useful ones:

  • Submission title. The submission title.

  • Abstract ID. The submission ID.

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