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Activate your Fourwaves account
Activate your Fourwaves account

How to get an email link to activate your Fourwaves account.

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Whether you are an organizer, a submitter, a participant or a reviewer, you need to activate your account in order to login and access your data and events.

Your account is created for example when:

  • you register for an event;

  • you submit and abstract;

  • you've been added as an organizer or reviewer;

  • you create an event.

Get an account activation link by email

For any of the triggers listed above that created your account, an email is sent with a link to activate your Fourwaves account. If you lost this email, you can get a new account activation link by email by going to:

Not receiving the email?

If you're not receiving the account activation email, there are two possible reasons:

  1. There are no Fourwaves account associated with the email you're trying to activate.

  2. The email is in your spam/junk folder.

Verify with the event organizers for the right email to use.

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