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This article explains how to set up reviews.

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Go to Configuration > Reviews to access the reviewing form.

If you don't see the reviews section, it means the reviewing module is not activated for your event.

Edit the reviewing form

Add a form section

Click Add a section to create a form section that will contain your form fields. You need at least one section. Enter a title for this section and a description (optional).

Configure form fields

You can add any field you like to the reviewing form to collect feedback from reviewers. See the form management section for more information.

Reviewing forms have a specific field type: Score. A score field type allows the review to choose a score between 1 and X. The value of X can be from 1 to 25.

This is what a score field from 1 to 5 looks like for the reviewer:

Tip: We recommend adding at least 2 or 3 fields of type Score. These fields are used to calculate a numerical score for each submission.

Edit the reviewing period

Under Settings, you can change the reviewing period, that is, the period within which reviewers can complete their assigned reviews. Outside those dates, only the organizers can modify the form.

In the example below, the reviewing period is set to February 1st 2024 19:00 to February 29th 2024 at noon.

Select the fields visible to reviewers

You can select which fields are visible to reviewers. This is useful to hide data like authors, or submitter information that is not relevant for the review and that could biaise the reviews.

For example, you can make only the title, topic and abstract visible to reviewers. Here's how to select which fields are visible to reviewers:

  1. Go to your review form and click Settings.

  2. Under Fields visible to reviewers, select the fields you want visible. You can select mutiple fields from the dropdown menu.

In the example below only the title, abstract and topic were selected.

Note 1: the title and abstract are always visible to reviewers. They can't be hidden from reviewers.

Note 2: when organizers are looking at the reviews from the organizer pannel, they see all fields, even those not selected in this dropdown menu. Reviewers, from their review panel only see the selected fields.

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