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Create rooms and assign them to sessions
Create rooms and assign them to sessions

This article explains how you can create rooms and assign them to your sessions.

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Rooms correspond to a physical location in the venue. Because rooms can be linked to a livestream link or say, a Zoom meeting, rooms can also be virtual.

Create a room

  1. Edit a session of your schedule and scroll down to Room.

  2. Click Create new room.

  3. Enter the room's name.

  4. You can also specify if this room is linked to a livestream (see below).

  5. Click Save.

Livestream links

Each room can be linked to a livestream. For example, if you have a hybrid meeting and you're livestreaming from Room A, provide a Zoom link or any other livestreaming platform. Participants from home will be able to click on the link from the Schedule and join the livestream.

There are 4 livestreaming options:

  • None. No livestream for this room.

  • External platform. Choose this option if you want participants to be redirected outside of Fourwaves when clicking on the room for example on a platform like Vimeo, Zoom, Youtube Live, Cisco Webex. Provide the URL in the External link section. For example, will open Zoom on the participant's device outside of Fourwaves.

  • Zoom embed. Specify the Zoom meeting ID and the passcode. This will bring the participant to a room on Fourwaves where the Zoom meeting is embedded. See this article for more information on the Zoom embed.

  • Virtual Poster Session. Virtual poster sessions will be activated during this session (see this article).

Assign rooms to your sessions

Once a room is created, you can reuse the same room on multiple sessions.

Edit a room

You can edit a room at any time:

  1. Edit a session that uses this room.

  2. Click on the pencil icon.

  3. Change the room's information and click Save.

Delete a room

To delete a room:

  1. Edit a session that uses this room.

  2. Click on Delete.

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