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Define the event's reference timezone
Define the event's reference timezone

This article explains how to set the time zone and how the dates are displayed on your event website for participants.

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How to set the event's reference timezone

  1. In your organizer panel, go to Configuration > General.

  2. Locate the timezone dropdown menu and select the time zone reference.

All times entered in the organizer panel (eg. registration period, schedule sessions) will have this time zone as reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which timezone do the times display for participant?

The times display differently depending on where the participant is. On the event website, the times display in the reference timezone. In the live app, the times automatically adapt to the user's timezone (detected by the browser).

For example, if the participant is in Central time and the event's reference timezone is Eastern time (one hour ahead), all times displayed on the event website will be in eastern time (one hour ahead of the participants time zone). On the live app, the times will adapt to the user's time zone, thus display one hour behind those in the eastern timezone. This explains why some participants might not see the same time on the schedule when looking through the live app.

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