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Manage a multilingual event
Manage a multilingual event

This article explains how you can manage a mutilingual event on Fourwaves.

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Event websites on Fourwaves can be in multiple languages:

  • French

  • English

Change your event's language setting

  1. In the organizer panel, go to Configuration > General.

  2. Locate the Language dropdown menu.

  3. Select your preference and Save changes.

You can change this preference at any time. All original texts of each language is stored in the background, so you can always retrieve them later by switching the language setting again.

Edit each language version

From the organizer panel, click on the language from the main menu to edit a different language version.

If you add a field in one language, it will be added in all languages automatically. All settings are synced across languages. Only the text needs to be changed for each language.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can't be translated?

The acronym which defines your event's website, can't be translated.

What happens if some fields are not translated on a bilingual website?

Fields that are not translated on a bilingual website will be displayed in the existing language. For example, if some fields are only provided in English, a French user will see these fields in English even if she/he is visiting a French page of your event website.

Can the event banner be different across different languages?

Yes. Organizers can change the banner for each language.

Why do participants get redirected to a different language when I share them a link to the event website?

The language of the browser is detected automatically and the website is displayed in that language automatically.

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