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Manage the registration waitlist
Manage the registration waitlist

This article explains how you can activate and manage the registration waitlist.

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Activate the waitlist

  1. In the organizer panel, go to Website Pages > Registration.

  2. Click Configuration.

  3. Toggle on Set maximum number of participants.

  4. Specify the maximum number of registrations.

  5. Toggle on the waitlist option.

Participants can now register to the waitlist when the maximum number of participant is reached. They will receive a waitlist confirmation email.

Move participants from the waitlist to the registrant list

The status column of the data table indicates if a particular registration is on the waitlist. You can use the filters to find the registrations on the waitlist.

To accept a participant from the waitlist on the registration list, click on Quick View to open the side panel and click on Accept from Waitlist. This will trigger an automated email to the registrant with a link to their registration form so they can complete it.

Bypass the waitlist as an organizer

When an organizer fills the registration form and the maximum number of participants is reached, they will not see the waitlist option.

That means an organizer can register a participant and bypass the waitlist at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a participant have to pay for their registration to join the waiting list?

No. A participant who selects a paid option in the form does not have to pay to register on the waitlist.

A link will be found in the email they receive once you add them to the list of registrants, which will take them to their form to complete their payment.

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