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Organizer Access
Add an organizer to your event
Add an organizer to your event

How to give access to other organizers to your event.

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Role types


The organizer is the highest role level in an event and has access to all edit and action permissions for an event.

Program Chair

The program chair can access the following sections of the organizer panel:

  • Website Pages -> Schedule

  • Event Data -> Submissions

  • Event Data -> Reviews

They can do everything that is possible to do in those page (send emails, assign submissions to reviewers, add submissions to sessions, edit decisions and delete submissions, add and edit sessions).

How to add a new organizer

  1. Click Add.

  2. Enter the email address(es) of the members you wish to add.

  3. Confirm the role and click Add.

The new member will receive an invitation email with a link to access the organizer panel.

Additional information

  • There is no restriction on the quantity of organizers, chairs, or reviewers that can be added to an event website.

  • You can add as many email addresses as needed and separate them by a colon, a space, a line break or a semicolon.

  • A user's role can be changed at any time (using their respective drop-down menu outlined in yellow).

  • A user can be deleted at any time (Delete button outlined in red).

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