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Add sponsor logos on your event website
Add sponsor logos on your event website

This articles explains how to add sponsors logos on your event website.

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You can showcase sponsor logos on your event website, for example on the home page. Each logo can be clicked by a website visitor, bringing them to the sponsor's website or any other URL. You can also choose the logo size.

Add a logo content block

  1. Navigate to the page where you want to insert the logos.

  2. Click Add content.

  3. Choose the Logos content block.

  4. Enter a name and a description (optional) for this content block. For example, you could name this content block 'Gold sponsors'.

  5. Choose the logo size: small, medium or large. This size will be the same for all logos added to this content block.

The logo content block can be used to display an array of images, not just sponsor logos. Contrary to the image gallery content block, you can choose the image size and the images are not cropped depending on the screen size.

Add logos

  1. Click Add logo to add a new logo.

  2. Enter a name, a URL and upload a logo image. The name is not displayed anywhere, but is useful for those using screen readers.

  3. Click Save.

Repeat steps for each logo you wish to add. This is what a logo content block looks like on an event website, with a title and a description:

Reorder logos

Use the handles to change the order in which logos appear on your event website.

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