How to create an abstract booklet

This article explains how you can export your submissions into a uniform Word document.

The Word document can be customized with the fields you need.

  1. Go to Data -> Submissions.
  2. Sort submissions by Title, Topic or any other field. The order in the booklet will be the same than in the table.
  3. You can also filter submissions if you only want to export a subset.
  4. Click on Action -> Generate Booklet.
  5. Choose the fields you want to export.
  6. Click Generate booklet. This is what a page of the Word document looks like:

Frequently asked questions

Which fields can I export?

In addition to the ID, title, authors and their affiliations, the abstract, all fields types listed below can be exported:

  • Short and long text fields.
  • Checkboxes.
  • Radio buttons.
  • Dropdown menu.

Images can't be exported.

What is the order of the fields in the booklet?

The abstract fields (when selected) are printed in the Word document following this order:

  1. ID
  2. Title
  3. Authors and affiliations
  4. Abstract
  5. All the other fields selected follow the order in which they appear in your submission form.