How to set the time zone and how dates and times are displayed

This article explains how to set the time zone and how the dates are displayed on your event website for participants.

In your organizer panel, under Configuration -> General, you can set the reference time zone.

All the times entered in the organizer panel will have this time zone as reference.

How dates and time display on your event website

The dates and time shown on your event website automatically display using the user's time zone.

For example, let's say you set the registration period to start on February 1st at 8am and your time zone is Eastern Time (US & Canada). If a participant located in the Central time zone (1 hour before Eastern) and is viewing your event website, the registrations start time will say February 1st at 7am.

This is true for all dates and time including the event schedule. The schedule page below indicates the timezone of the dates and times which is the local time zone of the user visiting the site.