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Finding my event website address

This article explains how to define the event website address that you can share to your participants.

Through your organizer panel, go to Configuration -> General. Under the event name you will see the field Event website address.

Enter a suffix or a short acronym for your event. Your event website address will be:


You can separate different words with a hyphen, "-", as this will make your event easier to find via Google.

In the example below, the suffix is ACCR-2021. Thus, the website address is: event.fourwaves.com/ACCR-2021

Finding my event website address

You can hover your event name on the top right corner and you will see a section that gives the address of your event website.

Click the copy icon to copy the address to your clip board.

Finding my event website address

Note: in order for your website to be visible to the public, you need to publish your event. If after publishing the event your participants cannot see the website, check if the page you shared is visible to all. Depending on the page, participants will also need to be registered to be able to see the content.