Introduction to submissions

This article summarizes how submissions work on Fourwaves with links to relevant articles.

The submission form is generally used to collect content that participants want to present at the event.

Introduction video

Here's a 10 minute in depth introduction video on submissions in Fourwaves.

Video table of content

Edit submission configuration options (16s). Articles on the topic:

Edit the confirmation email (1min52s). You can configure the email authors receive when they submit, including the subject and the message. You can also insert variables, like their name, the submission title or any other information asked in the submission form. You can also insert a link to their account, from where they can access and edit their submission.

How to build the submission form (2min31). See this article.

How to test your submission form (6min30). Click to view your event website and go to your submission page. Fill the submission form. You will see the confirmation page. Then head over to Event data -> Submissions and you will see your submission.

Frequently asked questions

Can I edit the submission form after I started to receive submissions?

Yes, you can edit the submission form any time. You can add, edit or delete fields at any time.

Can submitters edit their form?

During the submission period: Yes, submitters can login using the email used in the submission form and edit their submission. Send them this article.

After the submission period: You can toggle the option to allow them to modify their submission once it's accepted. See this article.

Can I export submissions?

Yes, under Data -> Submissions, click on Actions. You will have 2 options to export:

  • Export to Excel.
  • Export a booklet (Word). The word document contains the title, list of authors and the abstract.