How to set up the submission form

This article explains how to configure the fields of the submission form.

The submission form is generally used to collect abstracts or papers to be presented at the event. In this article you will learn:

To edit the submission form go to Website Pages > Submission.

How to add custom fields

The submission form builder contains default fields (described in the section below). You can add custom ones by clicking on +Add field. The field types are:

  • Text. A one line text answer question.
  • Long text. A multiple line text answer question.
  • Multiple choices. A multiple choice question in the form of radio buttons (one answer only).
  • Checkboxes. A questions showing at least one checkbox.
  • Dropdown. A dropdown menu with different options.
  • File upload. Asking the use to upload one file (maximum 30 Mb). You can force a specific format (image, PDF, Word) or let the submitter upload any file type.
  • Instructions. This is not a field, but a text that you can insert in the form for example to give instructions.

The Poster, Figures, Slides and Video fields are default fields and described below.

Default form fields

The default fields are tied to specific features. Use them instead of creating custom ones to collect the same type of data.

First name, Last name and Email (mandatory)

These fields are used to collect the name and email of the presenter. The name is displayed on the presentation's list and page.

Submission title (mandatory)

This is the title of the submission. It is use for example on as the presentation's title on the event website where presentations are listed.

Submission authors (optional)

This is used mostly to collect the list of authors or contributors to the submission or presentation.

Submitters can add multiple authors, each with one or more affiliation. This is what it looks like when they add/edit an author:

At least one author needs to be selected as the presenter. This will only underline the author in the list. The authors and their affiliation(s) are displayed under the title on the presentation page of your event website like this:

Abstract (mandatory)

This is used to collect the abstract of the submission.

When you edit the field, you can define the maximum number of words and if you allow bold, italic or underlined text.

Poster (optional)

This field accepts image files (.jpg, .png, .gif) of a maximum of 30 Mb.

Participants will be able to Zoom in and out of posters.


Figures (optional)

This field accepts multiple image files (.jpg, .png, .gif) of a maximum of 30 Mb each.

Each figure can be accompanied by a title and a description and are displayed on the presentation's page.

Slides (optional)

This field accepts .ppt and .pptx files of Maximum 10 Mb. The 10Mb limit comes from the Microsoft Powerpoint reader that we embed to allow participants to browse the slides. If you would like to collect larger files, use a custom file upload field. Note that the latter won't display as a Powerpoint reader on your event website.

Video (optional - paid feature)

This is a paid feature only. It allows to collect video files (.mp4 format) of a maximum of 250 Mb.

It embeds a video player on the presentation's page on your event website.

Tracks or topics

A common question is to ask for which track(s) and/or topic(s) the submission is for. You can add a multiple choice or a checkbox question, depending if you allow one or multiple answers to the question.How to set up the submission form

This will allow you to add filters on the presentations page to allow participants to filter the list using this question.

Also it will allow organizers to filter the data, for example to assign submissions to specific reviewers.


Note: participants that are submitting an abstract do not need to register for the event as well. However, organizers can make that mandatory for an event and in that case, participants will need to do both (submit and register).

Display fields only under certain conditions

For non mandatory fields, you can define conditions that display or hide them. When you edit the field, go to the Conditions tab.

In the example below, the Poster field will be visible only if the submitter selected Poster at the Presentation type question.