How to send mass emails

This article explains how to send emails that can be customized with variables

You can send emails to:

  • Participants
  • Submitters
  • Reviewers

To do so, go to the correct Data section in the organizer panel. For example, go to Data -> Submissions to send emails to submitters.

Select recipients

  1. Use filters or the search bar to find a list of recipients. For instance, filter submissions to list those accepted for Poster submission.
  2. Select individual recipients. You can also click the checkbox in the header row which will select all recipients of the current page (click Select all to select from all pages).
  3. Click Contact to send an email.
  4. Write the Subject and Message. You can click Insert form value to insert variables in the email.

Useful Email Variables

You can click on Insert form value to add values that's customized for each email. Here are some useful ones:

  • Registration form. This provides a direct link to the registration form.
  • Submission form. This provides a direct link to the submission form.
  • Account url. This link will redirect to the person's Fourwaves account dashboard.

Note: Each of the links above will make the user go through their Fourwaves account activation form if their account is not yet activated. Else it will ask them to login. They can retrieve their password if needed.