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Introduction to the live app
Introduction to the live app

The live app is used by participants during hybrid and virtual events.

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The live app can be accessed from the browser on any device. It allows participants to:

  • access livestreaming

  • discuss during virtual poster sessions

  • communicate through private messaging and more.

Live App Video Tour

Here is a little video tour of the Live App.

How to access the live app

The day of the event, go to the event website. You will see a banner on the header inviting you to join the event.

If you're logged out, you will be redirected to the login page. Enter the email address used during the registration. You might need to activate your account or reset your password.

Note: Login using the email address used during registration.

The lobby

The Lobby is the main page of the live app. From the left menu, you can access:

  • The lobby

  • The program

  • The virtual poster hall

  • The list of participants

  • You private messages

The schedule

The schedule shows all sessions. Those live now are indicated with a red dot. You can use the search bar or the filters to see specific sessions.

The Zoom Embed

Organizers can embed Zoom within Fourwaves where presenters can share their screen and where participants can attend livestreamed sessions, chat and ask questions.

Share your screen on the Zoom embed

When it's your time to present, hosts can give you the co-host role which will allow you to share your screen. Click on the green share screen icon at the bottom. You will be given the option to share a tab, a window or a full screen.

The Virtual Poster Hall

From that section you can view all posters that are presented virtually. You can use the filters to filter the different posters.

Under each, you'll see if there are any viewers or if there's an ongoing video conversation.

If the virtual poster session is live, you'll see a button to join the conversation:

The list of participants

The page lists all participants. You can filter to see those online now, your connections or use the search bar. Click on a participant to see the full profile details.

You can send a private message to a participant:

The activity Feed and Live Chat

On the right hand side, there's an Activity feed to let you know in real time if someone asked a question on your presentation or added you to their connections.

There's also a Live chat so participants can send each other messages:

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