How to define the submission period

This article explains how you can change the submission period.

The submission period specifies when participants can submit or edit their current submission.

How to change the dates

Under Website Pages -> Submissions, click to edit the submission configurations.

Button to edit the submission form

In the side panel, edit the start and end dates under Submission period.

The submission period date pickers

Click Save and close.

How to manage multiple deadlines

Some event have different deadlines. For example, submissions for oral presentations sometimes finish earlier than for posters. Here's how to manage this.

  1. Add a custom field asking for the presentation type. Use either a Multiple choice or Checkboxes, depending if you allow to choose one or many submission types. It will look like this.A radio field
  2. For each individual option (Poster, Oral presentation, etc.), you can click edit.Button to edit a field
  3. In the side-panel, check Availability period, and define the Available from and/or Not available from dates.Availability dates

Outside of these dates, the specific option will not be available.

Note: you can define only one of the two dates. For example, only the date under Not available to determine the deadline.