Create and manage a bilingual event website

Event websites on Fourwaves can be in French, English, or bilingual: follow these tips to display your website in the language(s) of your choice.

Setting the appropriate language(s)

  1. From your event's organizer panel, go to Configuration -> General:Create and manage a bilingual event website
  2. Choose the language(s):
    Create and manage a bilingual event website
  3. Click Save changes button at the bottom. 

Create and manage a bilingual event website

You can change this language setting at any time. All original texts are stored in the background, so you can always retrieve them later by switching the language setting again. 

Fields that cannot be translated

Here is a list of fields that can only take one entry: 

  • The Event name (under Configuration > General). If you want to display a bilingual name, you can enter both names in the same field, e.g., "International Scientific Conference - Conférence scientifique internationale"
  • The Event website address (under Configuration > General). Your event can only have one address associated with it.
  • The image that will be used as your event banner (under Configuration > Theme and colors). You can design and upload a banner image that contains bilingual content. 

Translating content on your event website

When you are editing your website via the Organizer panel, any content that you type in a translatable field will be stored in the language in which the Organizer panel is displayed.

To switch to the other language, click on the link in the toolbar: 

Create and manage a bilingual event website

You can then edit and translate the content into the another language. 

What happens if some fields are not translated on a bilingual website?

Fields that are not translated on a bilingual website will be displayed in the existing language. For example, if some fields are only provided in English, a French user will see these fields in English even if she/he is visiting a French page of your event website. 

Can the French website and the English website have different images?

Yes. Organizers can change the pictures in the content blocks for each of the websites by uploading new pictures to the version they want. However, the banner image (the one that appears on the top part of the website) cannot be changed. This one has to be the same across both websites.

How to change the default language of the website?

The default language of the website is based on the user's web browser language on the web browser. If the language of the browser is something other than English or French, the website will be displayed in English.