Introduction to registrations

This article explains how you can edit the registration form and its options.

Introduction video

Here's a video that gives an overview of the registration setup on Fourwaves.

Video table of content

Edit the registration options (12s). See this article.

Edit registration confirmation email (1min03). You can change the email sent once registration is completed. You can configure the subject of the email and insert form values such as first name, last name or even a link to their account.

Configure the registration form (1min21). See these articles:

  1. Add questions to the registration form.
  2. Add costs using multiple choice questions.
Test your registration form (4min50). Click to view your event, go to the registration page and complete the form.

Where to edit the registration form

In the organizer panel, go to Website Pages -> Registrations.

Frequently asked questions

Can I edit my form at any time?

Yes, you can edit anything in your registration form at any time. After the event is published and after registrations have started you can add, edit or delete fields in your form, change costs and change the registration period.

Can I test my registration form?

Yes, preview your event website, go to registration and test the form.

Can I add a participant outside the registration period or if the form is hidden?

Go to (replacing 'your-event' by your event ID or acronym), then fill the registration form.

Only logged in organizers can do this, once the registration period is closed.

Can a participant or an organizer edit an existing registration?

Yes, as long as the registration period is opened, a participant can edit their own form. You can share them this article.

As an organizer, you can edit any existing registration even outside the registration period. See this article.