How to setup up your Zoom meeting to embed in Fourwaves

This article gives important informations for organizers creating a Zoom Meeting to use with the Zoom Embed feature on Fourwaves.

  1. Go to your Zoom account and click on Meetings, then click Schedule a Meeting.
  2. You can give a name and a description (optional).
  3. Choose the Date and Duration. Note that you can still start or end your meeting at a different time then the one indicated here.
  4. Make sure Registration Required is unchecked.
  5. For the Meeting ID, select Generate Automatically.
  6. Security Settings:
    1. Check the box Passcode and enter a passcode.
    2. Uncheck Waiting Room, unless you want to accept participants that join.
    3. Uncheck Required authentication to join.
  7. Decide if Hosts and Participants will have their Video On or Off when joining. Participants joining through Fourwaves will never be able to activate their video camera, but their audio yes.
  8. Choose also if participants can Join Audio by Telephone, Computer Audio or Both.
  9. Decide if participants can Join anytime, if they're Muted upon entry, if the meeting is Automatically recorded or if you want to Approve or block entry to users from specific regions/countries. You can also add Alternative hosts.
  10. Then click Save to Create your meeting.


How can participants access presentations live-streamed on Zoom?

Participants must be registered and logged into the platform. When the participants access the live application, they need to go to the schedule page and click on the desired content. After that, they can simply click "Join" to access the Zoom live stream!