How to define presentation times in your schedule

This article explains how you can define the presentation times for each presentation in your sessions.

  1. Click to edit a session.
  2. Check Presentation times.

Each presentation will automatically be assigned an equal presentation time based on the total session time and the number of presentations.

For example, a 1 hour session (say 9 to 10am) with 4 presentations will give 15 minutes presentation times for each.

Reorder presentations in a session

You can only reorder presentations if the Presentation time option is toggled on for this session.

  1. Hover the session with your mouse.
  2. Drag the presentations to reorder them.

Note: Only the 10 first presentations are displayed for each session. The presentations not visible can't be reordered. You may want to split the presentations into 2 or more sessions.

If you have not checked the Presentation time option, presentations cannot be reordered manually, but they are displayed in order of Submission ID. So you can change the ID to change the display order.

Can organizers have specific times per presentation instead of distributing them equally?