How to add a page or a sub-menu to your event website

This article explains how to create a page or a sub-menu with additional pages with custom content on your event website.

Your event website contains default pages: the home page, registration forms, submission forms, the schedule, presentations page and list of attendees.

You can also add your own custom pages and create a sub-menu with additional content pages.

Add a new page

In your organizer panel, on the Website Pages, click Edit Menu.

Click Add a page.

Enter the name of your page and reorder it as needed by clicking on the dots in front of the page name. It will be saved automatically.

Add a sub-menu

Instead of clicking on add a page, you have to click on Create a sub-menu

Enter the name of the sub-menu. You can now click on Add a page, following the above steps and drag that page under the sub-menu previously created.

See the example hereunder:

Please keep in mind that the sub-menu is not a page where you can add content. The related content should be included in the pages added under the sub-menu.