Configure the schedule's page options

This article explains how you can edit the Schedule's page configuration options like the page name or visibility.

  1. In the organizer panel, go to Website Pages > Schedule
  2. Click Page setup.

Button to setup the page

There you can edit different options:

  1. The page name. This is the name of the page in the event website's menu.
  2. If this page is visible on your event website.
  3. The visibility scope of the schedule page. Visible to either:
    1. Everyone who visits your site (registered or not);
    2. To registered participants only.

Showing the page parameters

Livestream access

For all events, the links to access the live broadcast of a room (for example a Zoom link) are always visible to registered participants only.

They must log in on the day of the event with the email address used during registration to access the link.

Link to access a room