How to add presentations in your schedule

This article explains how you can assign presentations to sessions in your event schedule.

Adding presentations to sessions can be useful for participants:

  1. To show which oral presentations are presented and at what time in each session;
  2. To show which posters are presented at each session.

Note: if you add presentations to a virtual poster session, the video conversations will be active only for those. If there are no presentations to a virtual poster session, all publicly visible presentations will be able to host virtual video conversation.

Assign submissions (presentations) to a session

When a submission is added to a session, it is called a presentation.

In the Organizer Panel, go to Event Data > Submissions.

  1. Select the submissions that you want to assign; 
  2. Click Add to sessionShowing steps to assign submissions to a session
  3. Select one or more sessions to which you want to assign the selected submissions.
  4. Click Next.Screenshot showing how to select sessions
  5. The click Save changes to confirm.

Caution: It doesn't mean that the presentations are added to the session that they are now visible on your event website. Participants will be able to click on a presentation from the schedule only if this presentation is visible. Verify the visibility defined on the Presentations page.

Presentations become visible in your event schedule:Schedule example on Fourwaves

Filters are also automatically added on the presentations page to allow participants to filter by session.

Screenshot showing how to filter presentations

The session(s) in which a presentation is scheduled to is specified on the presentation's page:

Screenshot showing when a presentation is scheduled

Remove presentations from a session

  1. Go to Website Pages -> Schedule.
  2. Hover the session containing the presentations you want to delete.
  3. Click the trash icon to remove one presentation or Remove all.Screenshot showing how to remove a presentation from a session

The list displays the first 10 presentations. If you don't see the presentation you want to remove, you need to remove all, then add add all presentations you want for this session.