Add costs to your registration form

This article shows how you can add costs that attendees will need to pay for during registration.

You can define costs for some items of your form. When a participant selects an item with a cost, it will automatically show a summary on the right hand side with the total amount to pay.

When submitting the registration form, they will be brought to the payment page to complete payment.

How to add costs to items in your form

From your organizer panel, go to Website Pages -> Registration.

  1. Add a Multiple choice, a Checkbox or a Drop-down menu field. For example, a question that asks the participant to select their registration type.
    Add costs to your registration form
  2. Click + Add a choice to add other options.
  3. Click the pencil to edit one of the option of the field, For example the Professor option in the example below.Add costs to your registration form
  4. The side panel opens for this option and under the Pricing tab, you can define a cost as well as the late fee.
    Add costs to your registration form