How to review submissions

This article explains the whole reviewing processes on Fourwaves

To log in

Reviewers receive an email when you add them (through Configuration -> Committee) containing a link to activate their Fourwaves account or to log in if their account is already activated.

They can request another email to activate their account or reset their password at any time.

How to access reviews

In the dashboard, the reviewer will see a section that shows their reviews, including those pending, completed and with a conflict of interest status.

He can click on these statistics to see the associated reviews.

He can also click in Data -> Reviews form the top menu.

How to complete reviews

Under Data -> Reviews, the reviewer can see the status of each submission in the Review Status column.

He can access the review by clicking on the title of the submission.

On the left will be the submission information and on the right the evaluation form. The form can be filled in and the assessment can be completed by clicking Save if all required fields are completed.

Declare a conflict of interest

The reviewer can declare a conflict of interest by clicking on the link at the top of the form.