Set up the Zoom embed

This article explains how to set up your Zoom meeting for best results with the Zoom embed on the live app.

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The Zoom embed in the live app allows participants and presenters to stay on Fourwaves during a livestream session. The Zoom embed room has a live chat and Q&A as well so participants can interact during the livestream.

Create the meeting in Zoom

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and click Schedule a Meeting.

  2. You can give a name and a description (optional).

  3. Choose the Date and Duration. Note that you can still start or end your meeting at a different time then the one indicated here.

  4. Make sure Registration Required is unchecked.

  5. For the Meeting ID, select Generate Automatically.

  6. Security Settings:

    1. Check the box Passcode and enter a passcode.

    2. Uncheck Waiting Room, unless you want to accept participants that join.

    3. Uncheck Required authentication to join.

  7. We recommend to check Allow participants to join anytime, allowing them to join the meeting before the start of the session and also to mute participants upon entry.

Link the Zoom meeting to a room

  1. Go to your schedule.

  2. Edit a session that will use this Zoom meeting.

  3. Create a room and choose Zoom embed under Live stream.

  4. Enter the meeting ID and the pass code.

See this article for more information on creating rooms.

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