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Introduction to the user dashboard
Introduction to the user dashboard

The dashboard provides access to all your events, registrations, submissions, transactions and reviews.

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How to access your dashboard

The dashboard is the page where you land on when you login to your Fourwaves account.

From anywhere, hover your profile picture and click Dashboard to come back to it.

Role Views

Select for which role you want to view your dashboard using the top menu.

Here are the 3 roles views you can choose from:

  1. Organizer, to see all events you organize.

  2. Participant, to view events you registered to, submitted to or for which you have transactions.

  3. Reviewer, to see events for which you have assigned reviews.


  1. Drafts will display any unpublished event.

  2. Active & Upcoming will display any non passed events.

  3. Past will display any passed event.

Click on an event to access its organizers panel.


  1. Events will display any event you have participated as a registrant or a submitter.

  2. Submissions will display any submission.

  3. Registrations will display any event you have registered for.

  4. Transactions will display any transactions related to an event.


This view displays events for which you've been added as a reviewer regardless if you have assigned reviews.

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