How to create and assign rooms to your scheduled sessions.

Rooms indicate the physical and virtual location of a session. This article explains how to define them for the sessions in your schedule.

Rooms have a name and can have a link, for example to a livestream or virtual stage. It is used to indicate the location of a session to participants, whether they are at a physical hybrid or virtual event.

How to create a room

In the organizer panel, go to Website Pages -> Schedule.

Click on Edit for the session for which you want to create a room.

Click on Create.

Give it a name. If your event takes place in a physical location, you can provide the name of the room to help attendees find it.

You can also choose whether this room will have a livestream or video conversation capabilities. In the drop-down menu, you will find 4 options:

  • None. If there are no livestream, for example for in-person events.
  • Virtual Poster Session. Virtual poster sessions will be activated during this session (see this article).
  • External platform. Choose this option if you want participants to be redirected outside of Fourwaves when clicking on the room for example on a platform like Vimeo, Zoom, Youtube Live, Cisco Webex. Provide the URL in the External link section.
  • Zoom Embed. Choose this option if you're using Zoom and you want participants to stay on your event website and not open Zoom on an external Window. Make sure to enter the Meeting ID and Passcode if you have any. Refer to this article for guidelines regarding the creation of your Zoom meeting.

Reuse existing rooms for multiple sessions

If multiple sessions take place in the same room, create it once with the correct parameters and select it from the list for the corresponding sessions.