Fourwaves Live - Overview of the experience for poster presenters

This article explains what the experience is like for poster presenters the day of the event on Fourwaves

Video Summary

Here's a video showing the experience the day of the event for presenters.

Overall experience

Refer to this article for the general experience which is very similar to that of participants.


During a virtual poster session, you don't have to wait alone in the video conversation room of your poster.

Go talk to others, and if someone calls you, you'll see a notification:

Laser pointer

You can use the laser pointer to present your poster. See this article.

Control bar

From the control bar at the bottom you can:

  • Stop/start the camera
  • Mute/Unmute the microphone
  • Start the share screening
  • Select the camera and mic input
  • Access the live chat
  • Quit the conversation

Note: for Mac users, you might need to give your operating system permission to share your screen. See this article for more information.

Issues joining a conversation

Please refer to the following articles if you encounter issues when joining a video conversation:

Give browser access to camera and microphone

Error message when connecting to video conference