Fourwaves Live - Overview of the experience for participants

This article explains what the experience is like for participants the day of the event on Fourwaves

Video Summary

Here's a video showing the experience the day of the event for participants.

Join the virtual venue

On the event website, you will see a waving banner inviting you to join the virtual venue. Click on Join Event Now.

If you're logged out, you will be redirected to the login page. Enter the email address used during the registration. You might need to activate your account or reset your password.

The Lobby

In the Fourwaves Live app, you arrive in the lobby:

Activity Feed and Live Chat

On the right hand side, there's an Activity feed to let you know in real time if someone asked a question on your presentation or added you in their connections.

There's also a Live chat so participants can send each other messages:

Quick Links

The top section shows quick links to your bookmarked sessions, presentations and connections.

Real time overview of what's going on

At the bottom you get a real-time overview of the live sessions, logged in participants and live presentations.

Navigation menu

From the left menu you can navigate to different sections:


    From there you can view all sessions. You can filter to see those that can be accessed virtually, those that are live now, or those you bookmarked.

    You can click on a session to see the full details.


    From that section you can view all presentations. Click on one of them to see the abstract and the attached material like a poster, video, figures, slides and more.

    There's also a Q&A section to ask a question to the presenter.

    If there's a live poster session you might see a Call presenter or Join conversation button allowing you to call the presenter or join the video conversation.


    The page lists all participants. You can filter to see those online now, your connections or use the search bar. Click on a participant to see the full profile details.