Troubleshooting guide for virtual events

This article lists problems that can be experienced by some participants and solutions.

Tip: Refresh the page might be required after applying any of the solutions below.

1. The participant can't join a video conversation

Change browser (e.g. Chrome)

Compatible: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Opera.

Not compatible: Internet explorer and old versions of Edge.

More info here.

Give the browser access to the camera

Within the address bar of the browser, there is an icon where they can give access to the camera or microphone with screenshots here. More info here.

Close other applications using the camera

Make sure the camera is not already used by another application (e.g. Zoom). Close any other application using the camera.

Run a video call test

Run a diagnostics test to identify the exact problem here:

2. The participant has problem with audio

Check headphones connection and sound volume

Ask the participant to check the connection of their headphones and to verify that the volume is high enough.

Close other apps that are using the microphone at the same time

Make sure the microphone is not being used by another application (eg Zoom).

Refresh the page or switch to Chrome

Sometimes just refreshing the page or going to Chrome fixes the problem.

3. The participant can't share their screen

Give access to Mac OS

This mostly happens for Mac users when they try to share their whole screen. They sometimes need to give their browser a certain permission through the system preferences. More info here.

4. The participant can't login

Use the same email address as the registration form

Make sure the email address they use for the login is the same as the one they used during registration. Check in the participants table that there is a registration with this email address.

Reset the account password

The participant can reset their password on this page.

5. The participant does not receive any email

This can happen if:

  • The participant made a typo in their email address
  • Their mail server is blocking emails from Fourwaves
  • The email arrives in the junk mail box.

Change the email address

If the email is not in the spam box, organizers can edit the email of any registration or submission form. This will transfer the registration / submission and send an email with a link so they can access / activate the account with the new email.

Still need help?

For any problem on the day of the event, do not hesitate to contact us at

If the problem persists

If you can't find the solution, ask the participant to run the test on this page.

If you can't find the solution, ask the participant to run the test on this page.

Once the test is finished (~1 minute), it will tell if there's a particular problem.

If you still can't find it ask the participant to click on Save this data as simple text and send the results to with the participant email so we can follow up.

Click on Save this data as simple text and send the results to