How to add authors to your submission

This article shows how to add contributing authors to your submission.

In the submission form, there is an Authors field that allows you to add all the contributing authors.

  1. Click '+ Add an author'
  2. Enter the first and last name of the author.
  3. Type a new affiliation or choose an existing one. An author can have multiple affiliations. To add multiple affiliations to an author, check all affiliations that apply from the existing ones, or by adding them as new.
  4. Check the Presenting author checkbox if it applies. This will underline the author in the list. You can have multiple presenting authors.

You can add as many authors as needed, edit or delete an existing one.

To change the order in which they appear, drag and drop them. See the video below:

Here's what a list of authors looks like, under the submission title. In the example below, Francesco Gaudreault is the presenting author.

Here's what a list of authors look like


Note: Submitters need to add themselves as authors as well if they want to be listed as one. Submitting something but being listed as an author will result in your name not being in the "authors field."