How to create, edit and delete coupon codes

This article explains how you can create, edit and delete coupon codes.

Coupon codes allow participants to benefit from discounts at the checkout page when they register to your event.

Create a coupon code

  1. In your organizer panel, go to Configuration -> Payments and scroll down to the Coupon codes section.
  2. Click Add a coupon code.
  3. Choose a code with a minimum of 6 characters composed of only letters and numbers. The code is case insensitive. It can be for example DISCOUNT10.
  4. Choose the type, either Amount or Percentage. For example if you'd like to give 10$ or 10% discount respectively.
  5. Enter the amount, for example 10 for a 10% or 10$ discount.
  6. Select if this coupon code can be used only a specific number of times by checking Limit quantity and enter the quantity.

The example above will allow the usage of 25 coupon codes giving a 10$ discount when the code DISCOUNT10 is used.

How to edit a coupon code

You can edit a coupon code by clicking the pencil icon.

Note: Once a coupon code is used, only the available quantities of this coupon can be modified.

How to delete a coupon code

Once a coupon code is created, it can't be deleted.

To stop a coupon from being used, look at the number of times it was used, then limit the quantity to this specific amount (see Limit quantity above).

Frequently asked questions

Is the discount calculated on the subtotal or total?

The discount is calculated on the subtotal of the transaction. If you do not charge taxes, this doesn't make a difference as the subtotal and the total are the same.

If there are multiple items with taxes, the discount is distributed proportionally to their contribution to the subtotal.

Can the discount be applied only to a particular item?

No. The coupon code applies to the subtotal of the transaction and it can't be applied to a specific item.

Can multiple coupon codes be used for one transaction?

No. There can only be one coupon code per transaction.

How is a coupon code used?

At the checkout page, the participant can enter the coupon code and hit Apply.

The coupon code appears on the cart summary and the coupon code can be removed if needed using the trash icon.