How can a participant upload a poster and other presentation material

This article explains how participants can upload their presentation material like their poster, slides, figures or video.

Option 1: Update your initial submission.

Access your initial submission and update the fields: Poster, Slides, Figures, Video:

  1. Go to the event website.
  2. Login using the email used during submission.
  3. Click on your submission for your user menu.

See this article for more details.

Option 2: If you haven't submitted yet, create a new submission.

If you didn't submit yet to the event:

  1. Go to the event's website.
  2. From the top menu, click on the button to submit.
  3. Fill all required fields including the Poster, PowerPoint, Pre-recorded Video, or Figures field (the fields may vary depending on the event).
  4. Click Submit. You can update your existing submission afterward (see option 1 above).


The poster needs to be:

  • Image format (jpeg, png, gif or PDF);
  • Maximum of 100 Mb;
  • The landscape format is ideal, but the portrait format will work as well (see the preview below).
  • There are no specific dimensions, but as a matter of comparison, something like 16 x 9 would work.

If you upload a PDF with multiple pages, the first page only will be converted into an image.

What the poster looks like

The poster will appear full screen in its tab. Buttons will be visible to zoom in and out. You'll be able to scroll through it using the mouse



The Slides field uses the Microsoft Powerpoint viewer which accepts:

  • A Powerpoint format (.ppt, .pptx);
  • Maximum of 10 Mb;
  • Can have audio, but this will increase the file size.

How to compress a PowerPoint presentation

If the PowerPoint presentation's size is over 10 Mb, follow Microsoft's support article here to compress it.

What the slide presentation looks like

The Powerpoint viewer allows participants to go from slides to slides


You can add as many figures as needed using the upload section (red arrow in screenshot below). The format accepted is

  • Image format (jpeg, png, or gif);
  • Maximum of 100 Mb for each figure;

Click the Edit button to change the title and the description and the 'X' to remove a figure.

What figures look like

Each figure appears on the left-hand side of the Figures tab. The title and description appear under each image.


  • An .mp4 format;
  • Maximum of 1Go Mb;

How long is a 1Go Mb video?

It depends on the resolution:

  • 720p (HD) is ~5 Mb per minute: 3h20 minutes;
  • 480p (SD) is 2 Mb per minute: 8h20 minutes.


How to record your video

You can use Powerpoint, Zoom, or online tools like Panopto to record a video of your presentation.

How to record a video using Powerpoint.

How to convert your file to .mp4 format

You can use free online video converters like to convert from any video format to .mp4

How to compress your video if it is over 1Go

You can use free online video compressing tools like to compress your video.

What the video looks like

The video player embedded in Fourwaves allows you to stream the video directly on the presentation's page.


Note: as a participant, if you don't see the option to upload a video, you should contact the organizers and confirm if they have included this feature in the event.