What does the communication statuses mean

The communications table shows the status of each email sent and this article explains what they mean.

Understanding status types

Under Data -> Communications, you see each email sent and their status. Each status is detailed below:

  • Delivered. The receiving server accepted the message. When an email is delivered, it doesn't necessarily mean the email was placed in the inbox. The receiving server might have filtered it and placed it in the spam box.
  • Deferred. The receiving server delayed acceptance of the message.
  • Bounce. The receiving server denied the email for example if the email doesn't exist.
  • Dropped. When an email is dropped, it means there was no attempt to sent the email to the receiving server for example if it contains spam content that was pre-filtered before sending or if we see the recipient has previously unsubscribed.
  • Unprocessed. All emails sent from Fourwaves before December 14th 2021 will have this status because the the status tracking was not implemented before this date. If the email was sent after December 14th 2021, it means the email was not yet sent and will be processed shortly.

How to find out more information

Hover your mouse on the status for 2 seconds or more and a small information box will appear giving more information as shown in the image below.

In your dashboard, you will also see the numbers for each status: